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Student Success · Anywhere, Utah
Department Student Success
Employment Type Seasonal
Minimum Experience Entry-level
Compensation $27-40+/hour

*NEW* MCAT-to-MDTM Work Experience

  • Higher Starting Wage: For 2022-23, first-year In-Person MCAT Mentors earn $27 per 1-hour session! Earn up to $100+/hr with incentives and bonuses.
  • Work in-person or online. In-person mentors earn our highest rates.
  • FREE Sapphire Admissions Package (Reg. $1499): Our team of ADCOM officers will review and perfect your AMCAS personal essay, school choices, and 15 Activities section. Cost to Altius mentors: nothing. Value: priceless.
  • Up to $1,000 Signing Bonus: Receive an up-front signing bonus of $250-$1,000 based on the number of 1-on-1 students you mentor. 50% payable approximately the week classes start, the remainder will be added to your March paycheck.
  • Guaranteed Raises: All Altius mentors now receive guaranteed raises based on tenure and performance. Watch your earnings grow from $27/session all the way to $40/session...and that doesn't even include bonuses...
  • New Bonus & Incentive Programs: The higher your students score, the more you earn. You don't have to wait until their real MCAT either; receive bonuses for practice exam performance, program adherence, and more!
  • More Ways to Earn: We're giving our mentors more ways than ever to help pay for the costs of becoming a doctor. In addition to 1-on-1 mentoring, earn extra cash by doing something as simple as proctoring a practice exam (mostly paid free time), referring a friend, or attending an Altius event.
  • Maximum Flexibility: You're balancing school, extracurriculars, applications, travel, and more. Other employers may not understand, but we've been where you are, so we do. Need to leave town for an interview? No problem. Tight schedule? All 1-on-1 appointments are agreed upon by mentor and student, so they fit both your schedules.

Mentor Enrichment Benefits:

  • Improved Medical School Readiness: Altius mentors are reporting an exciting phenomenon: repeatedly teaching basic science concepts as an Altius mentor makes med school easier. As one mentor put it, "I felt like a superhero among my classmates because I knew the basic sciences from the Altius manual so well after teaching them so many times" (Cannon Nelson, MD - USF Morsani School of Medicine).
  • Compelling Addition to Your AMCAS Resume: The key to medical school admissions is standing out. Lots of applicants have been a scribe, or an EMT, or volunteered with a charity...very few have been a 1-on-1 mentor. We'll help you describe your experiences as a mentor in a compelling way that will grab attention and spark conversations.
  • Mentor Leadership Project: Our team of ADCOM officers helps each Altius mentor design and execute a Mentor Leadership Project. The sole purpose of this initiative is to generate a second-to-none leadership experience for your AMCAS application. Because we are ADCOMS, we know how to make this a truly impressive, game-changing addition.
  • FREE Local Gym Membership: So that you can be at your best mentally and physically for yourself and your mentees, all mentors receive a FREE gym membership for as long as you maintain the minimum number of classes and/or students.
  • Travel Discount Program: Applying to medical school can be expensive; especially when you add the cost of airfare, hotels, and rental cars while traveling to interviews. Altius mentors save 10-20% on various travel expenses through this exclusive Altius discount program (HINT: Don't tell anyone, but you can use these discounts for personal travel to.

Keep in mind, the biggest benefit of mentoring a future doctor doesn't fit well into a bullet-point. Our mentors change lives. The satisfaction you feel from watching someone progress from a 490 diagnostic to a 517 MCAT is beyond description. Altius exists to help our students and team members "Achieve great things, amidst great obstacles." Come help us make a may be surprised to learn that it is the mentor who learns and grows the most.

*NEW for 2022-23* More Hours Now Available Summer and Fall New for 2022-23, recently hired mentors can begin training immediately and start work as soon as July of 2022. The increased popularity of our Summer Long Track Course (June 2022-Jan 2023) means you'll have as many hours as you want or need throughout the summer and fall. Our flagship courses then provide you with ongoing earnings to med school and beyond.


  1. NO MCAT SCORE? No problem. If you'll be taking the MCAT or receiving your score soon, apply today anyway. We can train you on a provisional basis until you receive your official MCAT score. You can (and should) apply today using your recent FLE/AAMC practice test scores. We'll finalize your hire after you get your score.
  2. Apply today even if you aren't available to work immediately. We do hire mentors throughout the year, but our primary future mentor evaluation process now happens May-Aug of each year.

    EOE: Altius Test Prep does not discriminate against any applicant for employment, or any employee because of age, color, sex, disability, national origin, race, religion, or veteran status.

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